Shaul Guerrero
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Shaul Guerrero is a multifaceted performer residing in Chicago, IL.


Shaul comes from the iconic Guerrero wrestling dynasty and is a third generation performer. She trained at World Wrestling Entertainment's developmental territory and held multiple championships. Performing in front of large crowds and taking on the role of the "Ultra Diva" she appeared on Brighthouse Network in Florida and for international audiences for the 1st season of NXT. In addition to taking on the brutality of professional wrestling she developed skills as an announcer, interviewer, commentator and debuted as an announcer for Smackdown LIVE in 2014. While her journey ended with WWE, she found her calling to act and has since performed for various organizations. She performed as a principal dancer for DRIP Orlando, playing the moody and dominant "Blue." She conquered both roles of Hippolyta and Titania for Red Fish Theatre's "A Midsummer Nights Dream", which  was quite an opportunity in not only acting but aerial harness and hammock work. Tapping into her dark side, Guerrero embodied Milady De Winter for Pirates Town's The Three Musketeers: Journey Home singing, dancing and taking part in aerial Spanish web and rapier work.  Soon Guerrero will have a large feature on one of the most highly rated wrestling programs on television said to be airing in November. She has since debuted on Fite TV under Booker T’s Ladies Night Out, made appearances in Australia, Chicago and New Orleans for announcing, signings and hosting. Currently Guerrero performs as a professional dancer in Chicago and lives with her husband- WWE’s Aiden English and their 4 rescued cats.



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